Your Own Mayan Ceremony

Your Own Mayan Ceremony

Mayan Ceremonies








 Wedding/Commitment Ceremony

Baptism and Naming Ceremony

Spiritual Cleansing and Healing

Attract good luck, love, success 




the mayan ceremony is a medium to saturate yourself with positive energy, to cleanse negative energies, and to ask for well-being, health and knowledge in difficult times


 The mayan ceremony is a fundamental element of the mayan cultural identity.  It is a practice of religion and spirituality, a sacred activity through which human beings yearn to have closer contact and communication with the Supreme Being, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

They are carried out with very specific goals, whether to launch and celebrate important dates, as an offering of thanks,
to ask for health, work, wisdom in difficult times of life. To saturate with positive energy, to cleanse negative energies ...




 Mayan Shaman


  Yaax Kin  





         all ceremonies are held in the mayan language




 In the mystical contact with our ancestors and our contemporaries, the magic of the vision of an ancient people puts us in contact with both old and new, divine and sacred, and in the present time, physical and artistic, all flowing together and connected to each other, we discover our identity and diversity. The thread of time brings it all together in the face of our mother earth, like the water of the cenotes that runs underground between the stones of wisdom ...







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