Your Own Mayan Ceremony

Your Own Mayan Ceremony

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 For your own, unique, personalized mayan ceremony, Yaax Kin will celebrate with you in the mayan language.



 A wedding or commitment ceremony, spiritual cleansing, baptism, attract love, success, or maybe you would like to express your gratitude for something wonderful in your life.


Included in the price of your ceremony are soft drinks, and the opportunity to spend the day at Sac Nicté, with the use of the three mayan cabañas, to enjoy the tropical gardens, the large swimming pool, and the very special mayan environment.

 Transportation to and from Merida, overnight accommodation and a typical mayan meal can be arranged.

Rates are in mexican pesos:


Your ceremony - for up to 20 people - $3,000

A typical mayan meal -         $120 per person

The opportunity to stay the night at
Sac Nicté - limited to four people -        $1200



For a quotation in mexican pesos or US dollars, please complete the 'contact us' form.


The wedding ceremony is not recognized as legally binding.

Prices liable to change without prior notice.


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